Pricing & Revenue Management for Travel & Transportation

Embark on a journey to profitability, by leveraging the industry’s leading solution for price optimization

How can Pricing and Revenue Management for Travel & Transportation help my business?

Both passenger travel and cargo carriers must navigate a complex route to success. In today’s unpredictable environment, you need to know when to lower prices to drive bookings — and when to hold out for higher margins. Now you have the perfect travel companion: JDA Pricing and Revenue Management for Travel and Transportation. This dynamic, flexible solutions suite analyzes customer behaviors, historical bookings and current market conditions to optimize your profitability.


  • State-of-the-art demand forecasting engine that considers current and historical bookings, as well as special events
  • Profit-driven price recommendations
  • Price elasticity modeling and consumer segmentation for passenger travel
  • Capacity forecasting, overbooking and dynamic hurdle rate optimization for cargo


  • Greater forecast accuracy
  • 売上および利益の増加

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